5 ways to de-stress your home

5 ways to de-stress your home

Himalayan Salt Lamp:
Having a Himalayan salt lamp in your home can help to cleanse the air and bring tranquility to your house. Salts release negative ions when they come in contact with moisture in the air or heat. The negative ions can help to neutralize EMF radiation from electronics such as, cell phone, computer, iPad, alarm clock, T.V., etc. The glow of the lamp is also soothing and can act like light therapy.

Water Filter
Tap water is contaminated with traces of heavy metals, prescription drugs, bacteria, pesticides and herbicides, chlorine, chloramines, etc. It is essential to have a good water filter in your home. I recommend getting a water ionizer that is not only a filter, but also alkalizes and ionizes your water. You can find out more about the ionizers at www.alkalineglow.com. I would not recommend a reverse osmosis or distilled water filter, unless you add alkaline minerals to it. Reverse osmosis and distilled water create acidic water by stripping it of all its alkaline minerals. You can also find a shower head filter at www.alkalineglow.com that neutralizes chlorine and chloramines. Whatever touches our skin goes into your body!

Fresh Air
Getting fresh air into your house may not be that easy. If you live by the ocean, or somewhere that has semi-clean air, then simply open your windows and doors during the day. If you live somewhere where there is a lot of air pollution, then I would suggest getting a high quality air filter. My favorite air filter can be found at:

Feng Shui ~ de-clutter
One theory of Feng Shui I actually follow is to get rid of clutter. Getting rid of clutter gets rid of clutter in your mind. When your house is unorganized, it’s harder to organize your thoughts and think clearly. It’s also harder to relax. Start by only keeping in your house what you need. Anything lying around that is not being used is just extra baggage! Add some natural elements such as wood and bamboo, which are grounding. Colors such as dark brown and deep reds are also grounding. I like to stick to neutral tones and then throw in some color with throw blankets, pillows and artwork.

Alterra Neutralizer
Alterra Neutralizer is one of the most researched devices I have found that helps to neutralize EMFs. It is made from a blend of paramagnetic elements that include cerium and lanthanum and a unique compound derived from a crystalline mineral that is only found in one known place in the world. This mineral was used originally to neutralize radioactive and chemical waste from landfills. It was then discovered that it can also neutralize EMFs!

P.S. Plants and cacti can also help clean the air!!