An Ayurvedic Explanation of Digestion Signs of Poor Digestion:

An Ayurvedic Explanation of Digestion Signs of Poor Digestion:

Fowl Smelling Gas and Stool
Loose stool (diarrhea)
Excessive belching
Pain in the digestive tract
Stomach Ulcers
Irritable Bowl Syndrome
Why do we experience poor digestion?
Poor Agni (fire that fuels digestion)
Eating processed foods that are hard to digest and break down
Eating white flour (acts like glue in the colon)
Killing friendly bacteria via antibiotics, stress, chemicals in food, etc
Meat and Dairy (from the antibiotics found in them)
Meat (takes three days to break down)
Sugar and alcohol that feed yeast in the colon
Eating an acidic diet
What promotes good digestion?
Eat fresh and whole foods according to your dosha
Eat when relaxed and not rushed
Wait at least 3 hours between each meal
Add spices according to your dosha to help with digestion
Warm your foods along with eating fresh and raw foods
Don’t consume liquid with your meals
Soak your nuts, seeds, beans, and grains over night to break down the enzyme inhibitor (essential for good digestion).
Take digestive enzymes with your meals
Clean out your colon via a colon cleanse and replenish with probiotics + L-
Avoid: processed foods, white flour, meat, non-organic and pasteurized dairy
(organic ghee and raw dairy are ok), sugar (switch to nourishing sweets- raw
amber agave nectar, coconut nectar, green stevia), alcohol (switch to CBD oil for
a chill effect ;), pesticides and herbicides, medication (if can be avoided), etc.
Another reason why we develop poor Agni (fire) is because of too much Ama
(toxin) build up.
Signs of Ama (toxin) Build Up:
Skin disorders

Food Allergies
Other Allergies
Low Appetite
Yeast Infections
…and more!
If you want more instruction on how to cleanse, especially from candida,
please contact me at [email protected]
On an Ayurvedic Side Note:
It is said that original cause of disease is Vata (which lives in the large intestine).
Then it overlows into Pitta (small intestine) and then Kapha (stomach). Disease
starts with accumulation of Ama (toxins) and a specific dosha, then aggravation
of the dosha, overflow of dosha out of its house, movement and relocation of the
dosha. Then symptoms of disease begin and manifest and complications begin!
Disease starts in the intestinal tract. This is the easiest to treat. If left untreated it
travels to plasma, skin, and blood (harder to treat). It then travels deep into the
tissues (hardest to treat).
So that is why it is so important to start with a colon cleanse and improve
your digestion ASAP!
Vata can easily become out of balance without proper rest, not eating consistent
meal times, eating cold and dry foods (ideal is slightly warmed and oiled foods),
and WIFI! Stress is also a huge stressor to Vata!
Through the biocommunication technology, we can muscle test the body
through GSR (Galvanic skin response) to see what microbes are present in
the body, and where the major stressors are.

Through the combination of the bioscan and Ayurvedic Coaching, clients
are having amazing results!

I had one lady with major thyroid issues lose 10 pounds over the coarse of
a few weeks, another male client lost 20 pounds in 5 weeks, another said
his pain and inflammation was gone and he actually wanted to get out of
bed in the morning, and another said her brain fog and anxiety disappeared
and she had more energy! I could go on and on…the best part is that 100%
of my clients talk about how easy the program is and how they don’t miss
their old habits. They also keep going after I stop working with them!


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