Heal Your Thyroid

Heal Your Thyroid

Chronic Stress reduces the cell’s ability to absorb thyroid hormone by 50-79%. (p .252, Cohen).”

Let’s face it; we all have a lot of stress in this day and age. Not only are our daily lives hectic, but chemicals in foods we eat, toxins in the air we breathe, and medication we are taking are adding to the stress of the body depleting our nutrients, damaging the intestinal gut lining, and stressing our organs.

Most people I test on the Zyto (whole body) scan show a thyroid imbalance. This makes sense, due to the chronic stress we put our bodies through on a daily bases.

First, I want to give you a tip to start detoxifying your Thyroid ASAP!

Bentonite clay is your best friend! You can do a bentonite clay mask (Aztec Clay) on your neck and armpits (good to detox the lymph area too). You can also do an internal cleanse with bentonite clay (one that is meant for taking internally- www.blessedherbs.com). Doing a bentonite clay internal/colon cleanse will help take the stress off the thyroid, and also help to clean up your gut (which you will find out later is related to thyroid health). Also, ditch the toxic deodorant and use EMF protective jewelry or stones when sitting in front of your computer!

Since thyroid health can be complicated, I have outlined and summarized Suzy Cohen’s book, “Thyroid Healthy: Lose Weight, Look Beautiful, and Live the Life You Imagine!” for you! I put together the most important pointers I thought would be helpful.

Here are some plant-based foods that nourish your Thyroid.

  1. Switch from table salt to Himalayan Sea Salt
  2. Iodine rich foods: Himalayan Sea Salt, “Real”, Celtic seas salt, Kelp (and other sea vegetables), Hawaiian, Spirulina, Cranberries (unsweetened), organic potato with the peel
  3. Selenium: nuts (especially brazil nuts), Spinach, and Asparagus cooked
  4. Tyrosine- amino acid (backbone of thyroid hormone): Hawaiian Spirulina, Mustard greens, spinach and other greens, fava and kidney beans, seaweed, and sesame seeds
  5. Zinc: Sunflower seeds, Brazil nuts, pine nuts, pecans, almonds and walnuts
  6. Vitamin A: Sweet Potatoes, Butter Nut Squash, and Cantaloupe

So basically adding see vegetables, brazil nuts, sesame seeds, sunflower seeds (other nuts and seeds), green veggies- including spinach and mustard greens, fava and kidney beans, whole organic potatoes and skins, sweet potato, butter nut squash, avocados, nutritional yeast and coconut oil are all nourishing and healing for your thyroid!

Sounds like a nice plant-based diet to me.

Safe Supplements to take:
Vitamin D
Vitamin A
Vitamin E
Boswellia [AKA Frankincense]
Pancreatic Enzymes [I take a multiple digestive enzyme]
Essential Fatty Acids
(p. 156-157, Cohen)

Probiotics are essential for Thyroid regulation. Probiotics help you activate your thyroid hormone and utilize the thyroid hormone you make- 20% of T4 is converted to activate T3 in your gut:

Avoid [Friendly Bacteria Killers]:
Antiacids and Acid Blockers
Estrogens (birth control and hormone replacement)
Blood Pressure Pills
Alcohol, even wine

And replenish with friendly bacteria.

(p.190, Cohen)

“A damaged lining allows undigested food particles to leak out, some of which have a protein sequence similar to thyroid tissue, so your thyroid gland accepts these food particles and then your immune system follows suit with an attack.”
(P. 222, Cohen)

Gut Grenades: Alcohol, food additives, dyes, and other chemicals in foods damage your gut lining.
Other Gut Grenades:
Pollen, plastic, heavy metals, pesticide exposure, medications
Use paraben free cosmetics, BPA free plastic, and ditch the plastic water bottles.
Avoid tuna (high in mercury), and avoid white table salt.

Restore Mugged Nutrients. Not only can some medications deplete your
probiotics, they also can steel minerals and B Vitamins. Without minerals and B Vitamins, you cannot make thyroid hormones. Coffee, soda, and energy drinks also steel these nutrients.

Include protein with every meal, avoid white refined flours, avoid coffee, relax and get massages!

(p. 251, Cohen)

Avoid gluten, soy, cruciferous veggies, junk food, table salt, white flour, cereals and alcohol.

(p. 229, Cohen)

So in a nutshell, things that stress the body out, also stress the thyroid. So avoid processed and refined foods, chemicals and GMO in foods, coffee, alcohol, soda, certain medications that kill your probiotics and deplete you of minerals and B vitamins. Also, take digestive enzymes if you are eating dairy, gluten, or soy.

I don’t think you have to completely eliminate soy and gluten if you germinate your grains and soybeans and buy 100% organic and non-GMO.

I always recommend sprouted organic whole grain breads, raw organic dairy, and non-GMO sprouted tofu or germinated soybeans if you have these foods. I always germinate any nut, seed, bean or grain I eat. This will break down the enzyme inhibitor, increase the nutrients and B vitamins, and lesson or eliminate leptin (which everyone is afraid of)!

Also, take digestive enzymes with all your meals, and especially when eating these foods. You can also heal your gut lining by cleansing the colon, eating clean , and taking specific enzymes on an empty stomach to heal the gut.

Here is a video I made on how to activate you nuts, seeds, beans and grains video again!

Below are the benefits of soaking/germianting taken directly from the blog,
Yogitrition (link below)

Why You Need to Soak Your Grains, Beans, Nuts and Seeds

Vital proteins, vitamins (especially vitamin B), enzymes and minerals are unlocked through the soaking process, making them ten times more nutritious than in their raw form. So not only do you deactivate harmful nutrients, you activate all the goodness that Mother Nature wants you to have.

Here is a long list of benefits when you soak your grains, beans, nuts and seeds:

  • Remove or reduce phytic acid
  • Neutralize enzyme inhibitors
  • Eliminate or reduce lectins, gluten, tannins, goitrogens, and other antinutrients that are hard for the body to break down
  • Encourage the production of beneficial enzymes
  • Increase nutrient content, especially vitamin B
  • Break down hard-to-digest proteins in grain, making them easy-to-digest
  • Increase bioavailability of proteins
  • Prevent mineral deficiencies and bone loss
  • Reduce hypersecretion of pancreatic enzymes
  • Maximize digestion which reduces the need for the body to centralize its reserves to digest food

I know this article was long, but it is an issue that has been coming up a lot lately and needs to be addressed!

I hope you got some good pointers!

To living stress free,