Healing Trauma with Ayurveda

Healing Trauma with Ayurveda

From all my years studying heal-th and heal-ing, I have found that there is almost always an underlying emotional component linked to chronic disease that is a major stressor to the body. There are, however, many stressors not related to emotions- food allergies (usually caused by a leaky gut), processed foods, chemicals in food, water, and air, slumped posture, repetitive movement, lack of exercise, overwork,  EMF (electromagnetic fields) etc. 

I was at a seminar once, and a health practitioner was talking about certain foods that wreak havoc on the body, and feed bacteria, yeasts, and viruses. But, he also mentioned how emotions and EMF’s are also huge components that contribute to the stress and dis-ease.

When you couple any kind of stressor + unexpressed emotions, this is when stress can really start to wreak havoc on the body big time. Studies have shown that stress (the chemicals/hormones released by emotions and stress) constrict the body and muscles. In Eastern medicine you can call this blocked chi and meridians. The subtle body (mind) affects the more physical body.

When the body is constricted, nutrients and blood flow get cut off to major tissues and organs of the body!  This alone can diminish the effectiveness and function of an organ. For some reason stress likes to go right to our weak points (weak muscles, or weakened organs from toxins, etc). Couple that with eating a toxic diet with lots of chemicals, it just all gets “stuck” and “trapped” in the body with no way out. An acidic diet (standard American diet) is then a breading grown for microbes to continue to flourish.

Also, sitting all day constricts blood flow at the hips and studies have shown that the flexed posture alone invites stress hormones to be released.
So what does this have to do with Ayurveda and Trauma?
First, I wanted to give a very short overview on how emotions and stress can directly affect the physical health of the body.

Trauma is usually stuck and unprocessed emotions in the mind and cells of the body.  We actually can hold stress chemicals in cells, thus, holding onto memories in the cells of our body. When you start to take on an Ayurvedic lifestyle, which includes eating a healthy diet, cleansing toxins and chemicals stored in cells, and doing yoga to open the meridian pathways, naturally old stuck emotions will come to surface. This is usually the hardest part of taking on a new health plan; when difficult emotions come up. If we are not ready to recognize or deal with them, this can drive us right back into our old habits and what is know as “self-sabotage”! I have seen this time and again with my clients.

We also make up soooooo many excuses and cultivate so many unhealthy habits just to avoid “feeling” these emotions.

In Ayurveda, the way to deal with emotions as they come up is to recognize and identify them, so that we are able to healthily process them. Then we can just as easily let them go. We must acknowledge our feelings in order to heal and move on. This doesn’t mean that you stay wallowing in them. In
fact, when we find it hard to let go of certain emotions, it could be a sign that the liver needs some cleansing and/or the colon. The liver has to process all the chemicals that are released when we have an emotion, and if the liver is congested from toxins and stress hormones, the chemicals of your emotions stay longer in our blood stream, and the emotion lingers longer.

Particularly, when we cleanse, we may have to process emotions that have been stuck for a very long time, and this can feel really uncomfortable. We may feel we have already dealt with something, when our body has not necessarily completely released it. Know that it is literally an “emotional detox” and is only temporary! It’s amazing how the simple act of “feeling” can be so “healing”. Yet we build walls, and create sooooo much resistance to it sometimes just out of fear. Some people would rather ruin an entire relationship, then to just “feel”. And this can create so much dysfunction in our lives and body. I would have to say out of all the new health techniques I have come across on my journey, letting go and “cleansing” past emotions has been the hardest and most painful, but definitely the most rewarding! It is essential to do this part if you are looking for optimal health, and for preventing toxic build up (as emotions can constrict and cause dysfunction in the body). Stress has also been found to not only lower the immune system, but kill friendly bacteria in the gut!

Sooooo… just some food for thought!  When you are embarking upon healing the body, and start to balance out your diet and lifestyle, there might be some periods of intense emotional detox, and know that this is OK! You may have to go see someone that specializes more in psychology, hypnotherapy, tapping, or energetic emotional healing work while you begin a new health plan!

That’s also where coaching comes into play. Sometimes we need that extra helping hand and insight to help process our feelings while continuing to move forward to reach our health goals! We also need that guide to help us move though the “sludge” so that we do not get pulled back into the vacuum of self-sabotage and self-defeating behaviors and habits

So following the Ayruveda way, feel your feelings as you start to balance your body and mind through diet, exercise, yoga, meditation , etc. Don’t judge them. Just feel them. Sometimes I sit in meditation before bed, and do some deep breathing and self-massage and try to take the time to process emotions when I am feeling stuck. It’s like having an internal dialogue. Try to find out why you are feeling the way you are. And keep asking questions until you get to the bottom of it! I also incorporate essential oils into this process.

This will help to tremendously speed up the healing process and increase your health, literally taking a huge load off the body and mind and setting you free!

The Zyto Scan can also help to pin point certain emotions you may be struggling with, and helps to heal the emotional body with flower remedies, energetic frequencies, gemstones, personalized affirmations, and nutritional support.

I hope this was helpful!

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