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Integrative Wellness Coaching

8 week coaching plan. Includes 6 coaching sessions, PDF downloads, a plant-based guide, your ultimate workout guide, Ayurveda dosha assessment and meal guide, bio scan, email access, and much more!


Zyto- Biocommunication Scan & Other Services

The Bio-Scan is like muscle testing in a computer. It will scan all the major organs of the body, vertebrae, meridians, emotions, parasites, candida, viruses, heavy metals, herbicides, water contaminates, and much more!

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Books, alkaline water filters, organic CBD oil, EMF protective jewelry, fulvic minerals, and much more.


About Me

Hi, I'm Carly

Founder of Wholistic Wellness Works, LLC

I am certified in yoga, Pilates, massage therapy, and have a diploma in Ayurveda Transformative Coaching. I also hold a BA in Health Psychology and I am the author of Stress Free For Life, A Female Professional's Guide to Health and Wellness.

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