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If you are an ambitious, hardworking, and creative woman, who is looking for more balance and energy in your life to do the things you love without feeling anxious and greatly fatigued- this course is for you!

"I do and would recommend Carly to everyone and anyone I meet.  I was experiencing stomach issue and I went to see her.  She not only helped me with my stomach but with my diet and much more.  I'm feeling amazing and I want everyone to feel this way and so I've referred her to my daughter,  niece,  son,  sisters and friends. I still use/do all her recommendations and will continue. And any time I reach out to her she is there.  Very caring and professional. She's the best! 🙂"


I was always a hardworking, highly driven and ambitious person. I was taught if I worked hard, I could achieve anything. However, while majoring in dance at the University of Arizona, my body couldn’t keep up with my drive anymore.

By my second year in college, I was diagnosed with a crippling anxiety disorder. I had developed tremors and could fall asleep anywhere at any time. I drank way too much alcohol, smoked weed and cigarettes, took sleeping pills to fall asleep, drank coffee to stay awake, ate pizza and fast food at 3:00 AM, was put on anti-anxiety and anti-depressant medication, and was diagnosed with ADD and prescribed Adderall. All my relationships were unhealthy; I was married and divorced by the age 25, and my overall health was completely failing. I didn’t know how to live anymore.

What I discovered later on, was that all of my coping mechanisms to deal with stress were unhealthy. I had the right kind of work ethic mentality, but I wasn’t living the right kind of lifestyle and getting the proper nourishment (biochemical, emotional and spiritual) to sustain it. For someone who thought, “if I just work hard, I can achieve anything”; physically and mentally I couldn't achieve anything anymore.

While I was going through this experience, I simultaneously had discovered yoga, Pilates, Ayurveda, and all these amazing healing modalities. This was the beginning of my journey back to health and wholeness.

To make a very long story short, with the little strength I had left in me, I finally chose to follow my heart. I moved to California and began my long journey to get my mind, body, and soul back on track. I finished my bachelor’s degree in psychology, with an emphasis in health and stress psychology, at California State University, Long Beach. I received certifications in yoga, Pilates, Gyrotonic, and massage therapy. I later became certified as an Ayurveda Wellness Coach and graduated with a Master’s in Clinical Nutrition. I did a 180 in my life, and went from living with a crippling anxiety disorder, exhaustion, chronic inflammation, major gut discomfort, and extremely painful menstruation, to being a thriving and energetic confident woman. Through my wide-ranging studies, I discovered extremely practical tools that, if applied to anyone’s life, can bring a significant change to their state of well-being. I am living proof!

I seriously wish I had ALL this knowledge before I hit rock bottom (many times)! I have created a program using the best of the best tools with 15+ years of study, education, and trial and error to help you get to where you want to be faster, more efficiently and effectively.

This is NOT a get-fixed-quick kind of program. It is a mind, body, and soul transformation from the inside out.


Some concepts you will learn:

  • Gut health (essential to mental and physical health)
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Improving mood
  • Increasing energy and vitality
  • Hormonal health
  • Improving hair, skin, nails
  • Weight loss
  • Decreasing anxiety
  • More focus
  • Balance and peace within
  • The Ancient Wisdom of Ayurveda and how to apply it to modern-day life
  • And MUCH more!


I am fully aware that there is an overwhelming amount of information out there- take this supplement, this herb, eat this, avoid that, etc. This can lead to information overload and can paralyze someone from taking action. Does this sound like you?

What I learned is that you have to look at the whole picture. That’s why I created a nice, neat package so that you can learn how to turn your health around and have ALL the tools that you need in one place.

This is literally the only course that includes it ALL.

241 - Retouched

Become Ayurveda (knowledge of life) Empowered.

In the Ayurveda and Life Mastery course, you will learn:

  • Ancient tools for Vibrant Health
  • Ayurveda nutrition for metabolic enhancement, weight loss, gut health and hormonal balance
  • Dosha metabolic types with in-depth dosha assessment
  • 5 R’s for gut health
  • Cooking, shopping, and meal planning with whole foods
  • Stress-Free For Life Techniques
  • Harmony with Hormonal Health
  • Balanced and Sustainable Weight Loss Techniques
  • Meal guides, 50+ simple recipes
  • Coaching meditations and goal-setting worksheets




  • Lifetime access to videos, audio, PDFs, and cheat sheets
  • Specialty blog posts
  • 10% off future services
  • An option to upgrade to 6 months of group coaching so that you can get all your questions answered and get the support you need to stay on track.

This course offers:

• 30+, 20 “minuteish” videos, 30+ PDFs, and 12+ audios

• Coaching meditations and goal-setting exercises so that you can easily make a smooth transition into your transformation without feeling defeated or too uncomfortable.

• Evidenced-based research for Mental, Gut, and Hormonal Health


There is no other course that includes both Ayurveda and Modern Health in such a compact and complete package.



Ayurveda is NOT necessarily eating Indian food or spices, it is a complete science that can be applied to modern-day living and carries SO MUCH WISDOM.

It is literally the science of self-care.

The best part is that you can go at your own pace. I know you are busy and transformation can take time. You have every tool you need to make the transformation. I also offer an option for weekly group coaching so that you can pop in at any time and at your own convenience.

Part 1 + Part 2

Part 1 + Part 2 + Group Coaching: Ayurveda and Life Master program: Emotional, Gut and Hormonal Health


Ayurveda and Life Mastery Program: Heal Your Gut and Balance Your Hormones

$345: Includes 8 weeks of weekly group coaching

Part 1

Part 1: Ayurveda and Gut Health: Master Your Mind and Gut


Part 2

Part 2: Harmonize with Hormonal Health: Balance Hormones and Lose Weight


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"Carly’s ayurvedic coaching directly influenced my mood, my appearance, and my relationship with food. Even within a few weeks, I felt more emotionally balanced and lighter…and that reflected on the outside. I am grateful the program was customized to what my body (and disposition) would respond to best, and I was struck by how relaxed and natural it felt to implement the changes she advised. As there always can be when undertaking any kind of change, there were some moments of doubt or difficulty. However, Carly was a text or phone call away with encouragement, helpful tips, or exploration of more suitable options."

~Quinn, Analyst

"I really enjoyed Carly’s Ayurveda program! It was much easier to follow than other weight loss diets and cleanses. I felt really depressed before the coaching. I started to feel better right away. My skin cleared up, I felt I had way more energy, and my emotions where easier to manage! Carly is very intuitive and has helped me on many different levels. I am so happy to have her as a coach! My life has really changed for the better, and it all was very easy to follow!"

~Rebecca, Stylist

"Carly is knowledgeable in Ayurveda, health and wellness. I came to her initially to understand my body better in order to create a lifestyle that would sustain a healthy living. Carly was patient with me and tackled one thing at a time. Her calming presence was a gift in the midst of my menopausal symptoms! I’m grateful to know Carly and be able to learn so much from her."

~Gina, Realtor

"Before working with Carly, I felt lethargic and my clothes were uncomfortable. Through Carly’s ayurvedic coaching, I am more energized and my clothes are much looser. Additionally, my blood glucose level dropped 8 points—now in a more stable and healthier range. Would highly recommend working with Carly!"

~Stacie, Mom of 7!

“What I liked best about the program was how simple it was to follow and how all my cravings for sugar went away. I also lost 10 pounds and cut my blood pressure medication in half!” 

~Sandy, Insurance Consultant

"I found that I have more energy and my digestion has improved tremendously. I feel lighter and cleaner in my body!”

~Andrea, Business Owner

“The coaching program has really changed my life! I have anxiety, and in the past I’ve used medicine to treat it, and it’s never really made a huge impact in my life.  With the Ayurvedic program I have not just a food and meal plan, but a complete lifestyle plan that helps keep everything in check so that things don’t get out of balance. The anxiety doesn’t get to places where I need medicine.  Medicine is great, but it doesn’t have that long-term affect that a lifestyle change can have.

And what I like most about Carly is that she is not just knowledgeable about this program, but anything else that could come up. She is knowledgeable in essential oils, massage, meditation, yoga, and almost anything you would want to know about! All of those things have helped me sleep better and just all around feel better. I feel more content and satisfied when I eat, knowing what I’m eating is helping my body!”

​~Neelam, Lawyer and Mom of Three!

"I had a wonderful experience with Carly and the Health Reboot program. I've been having gut issues since I was a teenager, and that was the cause of so many health issues. I really appreciate how the program is well rounded and focuses on cleansing, eating clean foods, understanding your body, and she also taps into mental health, which plays a huge part in how our body functions. And the big part for me is having the support of a coach - someone who understands and has the patience to help me move along while addressing some really heavy issues.  I look forward to continuing my journey to optimum health with Carly!"

~ Kat Saephanh

"Hi. My name is Zhen, I am 37 and I have always thought that I am going to be healthy and full of energy no matter what I put into my body. After all I have always been able to eat whatever I want and just workout and stay super fit. But, in the past few years since I moved back from New Zealand, I realized a significant change to my digestion and energy and my weight started to fluctuate from 98 to 120 lbs. I started to get inflammation around my neck. I started to feel sluggish and my energy decreased, even though I was still doing yoga. I felt like crap. So when I came to see Carly, I weighed 137 lbs, and felt tired and bloated all the time. I was skeptical about what she could do for me. I was just tired of being tired. But because of her in -depth knowledge of an Ayurvedic approach to healing, my body started to heal. Within 10 days of seeing her and starting a cleanse and cutting out meat, I went to a doctor, and I was weighed in at 120 lbs. I felt better, my inflammation went away, and I don’t feel as groggy in my head. My energy came back slowly and I was enjoying life like before. I am grateful that I sought help with Carly. At this current moment my weight continues to drop and my energy levels continue to go up and I am happy to say I will stay with this way of living for rest of my life! Let me also add that my journey to health and vitality is not easy at all. But nothing in life you want to achieve starts easy."