How to THRIVE in a Toxic World!

How to THRIVE in a Toxic World!

I’ve been through it all. I’ve lived in a big apartment complex in the city (with tons of WIFI and Satellite dishes), and I’ve lived for months in the desert in Palm Springs. I’ve lived a really unhealthy lifestyle in high school and early college, and I have cleansed and eaten a pretty clean and healthy diet for almost 15 years now. I am fortunate enough that every time my health has suffered greatly, I have always been led to profound solutions!

What I have found is that little things can make a huge difference in how you feel, no matter where you live! I also found that it is not just poor diet that leads to “disease”- we are also being bombarded with so many different chemicals in the air and water, EMFs (electromagnetic fields) smog, and mental stress!

There is even an original Netflix series now called “Afflicted”. This show is about people who are highly sensitive to the chemicals in this modern toxic world, including WIFI and Mold, where they can barely function or leave the house. Let’s face it; this world is becoming extremely toxic. On top of chemical toxicity, hormones released during the stress response (which nowadays is being triggered constantly) wreak havoc on the body. The liver has over 500 different functions, and one is responsible for filtering out stress hormones, as well as processing all the toxic chemicals! Toxic stress is becoming overwhelming to the body. The body’s natural detox system cannot keep up, thus the body cannot eliminate efficiently and may develop toxic overload.

Furthermore, there are now over 10,000 different chemicals used in the food industry (this was not the case many years ago). Our water system is contaminated with heavy metals, antibiotics, herbicides, pesticides, etc… and if we aren’t drinking tap water, most of us are drinking acidic water in chemical plastic water bottles! We are also bombarded by chemicals in the air daily, and are surrounded by EMFs (electromagnetic fields- now proven to cause cancer) that disrupt our natural biorhythms. AND then we add medication to this toxic pool! I could go on and on, but I think you get the picture!

When I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder 15 years ago, they wanted to put me on anti-anxiety medication, and I new deep down inside this was not the solution (for me personally). This led me to a healing journey that has been very rewarding. It’s amazing how the body can heal when you eliminate stressors and give it what it needs.

Listed below are some of my TOP Essentials for Surviving the Modern Toxic World (besides for a healthy whole foods diet!)

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Here are my top priorities for THRIVING in this toxic world.

  1. CLEAN WATER: I recommend the Elita Pure Non-electric water purifier- it is the most affordable alkaline ionizer out there, and has the best filtration system. It filters out 99.9% of contaminants, including bacteria and viruses. Temporary link that works:
  3. Air Purifier- Protect from Mold or You can enroll with Vollara as preferred customer or business associate for free and get wholesale pricing on your first purchase! I don’t get commissions from any of these companies
  4. VIBE (Liquid Multi-Vitamin and Mineral Supplement) Boost your immune system and keep your Liver functioning to fight all the Toxic Stress!
  5. RE Botanicals Hemp OIL: Organic and founded by the founder of Nutivia! Website link:

This + a whole foods “clean” plant-based diet. You can look up the Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen Fruit and Veggie Chart to see what

Other tips for your home:

Put shungite in all four corners of your home – visit my friends at
Unplug your WIFI at night!
Diffuse Rosemary, thyme, and lemon grass in your home to ward off mold and other microbes. On Guard is also good to diffuse to ward off germs-

I know this may seem like A LOT, but many of these items are one time investments, such as a water filter, air machine, and EMF protective jewelry and stones. Imagine how much you spend on your car! If we are willing to spend thousands of dollars on a care and home, why can’t we also invest and take care of our own vehicle (body) ?

Hope this was helpful, please email me if you have any questions! <3


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