Are you tired of feeling tired?

Are you tired of feeling tired?

About 15 years ago I was diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, and chronic fatigue. I had developed tremors and my body was literally shutting down. I thought something physically was very wrong, but the doctors did very little tests and just prescribed me anti-anxiety medication. I tried one week of the meds and I knew straight away it wasn’t for me.

It literally took me a decade of hard work and determination to find the root causes of my anxiety and how to correct it.

Proper digestion, and cleaning up my digestive tract was a key component in helping me heal from this ‘dis-order’. At the time I ate fast food, white flour, white sugar, drank a lot of alcohol, and was just overall not taking care of myself. In one month, I quite eating all processed foods and became vegetarian. I also did a series of cleanses.

What I found was that 80% of our immune system lies in the colon. Also, the existence of good bacteria in the colon releases ‘feel good’ hormones in the brain!

Processed foods, food allergies, stress, and certain medications can diminish the friendly bacteria and also cause a condition called “leaky gut”. When there is not enough friendly bacteria in the colon wall, yeast and other microbes in your colon can eat microscopic holes in the colon wall, and cause food to leak into your blood stream. This can be the underlying cause of inflammation, chronic fatigue, and some auto-immune disorders. The simple solution is to clean out the colon and take certain supplements to heal it. You also want to replenish with lots of friendly bacteria.

Below is a video I made on how to germinate nuts and seeds- a simple and effective method I started using to really help with my digestion!

Also, check out my video on “My Most Important Supplements”. It includes the probiotics and enzymes that also helped tremendously with my digestion!

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~Carly xo